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Black Out 2-july 10th Stompin in The Woods 2-july 16th through july 18 return 2 the foam-august 6th NL-3-sept 3rd
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Ok so Dani Is number 1 to!!!!
Dani and kelly are number 1!!!!!!!!!!

see dani u are on my site
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1 lord of the ring return of the king

2 resident evil appacolypse

3 X-men 3

4 Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban

5 batman 5

6 alien vs predetor

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funny but wrong jokes
who makes more a prostitue or a crack dealer?
A prostatute because she can wash her crack and sell it again.

So this guy dies with an erection. his wife takes him to the mortician and the mortician cant fit him in the casket.... so the wife tells him to cut his dick off and shove it up his ass. at the funeral his wife looks down at him and sees a tear in his eye. she bends over and says
i told u it hurt u bastard.

how do u break a blondes nose?
put a dildo under a glass table.

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Kelly is #1

(hahahahaha i told u i would put it on my site)
Top Ten Reasons Why It Sucks To Be A Dick.
10. You've got a hole in your head.
9. Your master strangles you all the time.
8. Your head is disproportionate to the rest of your body.
7. You shrink in cold water.
6. You never get a haircut.
5. You always hang around with 2 nuts.
4. Your closest neighbor is an asshole.
3. Your best friend is a pussy.
2. Your scalp gets cut off if you're Jewish.

And the number one reason why it sucks to be a dick:

1. Everytime you get excited, you throw up.

Final Fantasy 10-2 pic (mybackgroundpic)
Black Out 2
Friday. 7.9.04 5:39 pm
ok so i havent made an entry in a while but, here it goes. Black out 2 tommorow,

its gonna be off da hook. Madam zu and Cris C are the head liners. It will also

feature mars Dirty steve, Marq and many more! The first 400 people get a free

photon light and if u get presale ur light is included. This is the frist rave i have

been to since follow the yellow brick road and that was over a month ago. I am

very excited. so if anybody lives in washington by seattle u should go. it starts at

9pm and bumps till 6 am the next morning. Its going to be held at the Catwalk Club

which is located on 172. S. Washington street. if u dont go look for my next entry

which will tell all about it and how much fun i had. RAVER LUV


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Fire And Ice
Monday. 5.3.04 1:48 pm
Fire and Ice was of the hook. i was so high it wasnt even funny. people thought i

was going to od or something it was really annoying. anyways i guess DJ scribble

was kinda weak but i didnt care. SO the next rave i am going to go to is Kinetica.

there is going to soo many people there it is at an old racecare warehouse. there

is going to be 4 stages, a jungle stage, a sundessential house stage, a happy

hardcore, and trance. there is going to be 36 DJs. it starts at 9 pm and ends 5 am

the next day. saturday may 22nd be there $35 at the door limited presale tickets

at platos closet in seattle or select QFC stores. It is going to be awseome.

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I am sooooo tired right now O well.......
Saturday. 3.20.04 7:32 am
hi all it has been a while since i wrote one of these fucking things but ya i am

comming down off my E-bomb right now so i am really cracked out. so what is new

in the world of nutang. not much here. WONKALAND is in fuck 7 days. and today

we fuckind had to deal with this guy who got hella fucking drunk so he was all

beligerant and what not. man i just got up from fucking sleeping on the floor while

eveyrone is was playing fucking UNO. i am to E-tarded right now to focus on the

game and the reason why i can type right now is because i fucking have hella

energy. so ya leif what is up we need to hang out we dont hang out at all... has

anything new been added to nutang i havent really been here for a while because

my computer was broke. i didnt have a computer for like 2 and 1/2 weeks. so ya

right now these two people are talking about how mike is bagging his pants to

much and his dick is going to pop out. the interesting conversations we have. so

we are at a trailer and cheris house i fucking passed out for hella long. i weas

sleeping on the floor for like ever and someone stepped on my back and i was like

ahhh. o well i didnt hurt. i feel soooo sick right now i ate soo much fucking pizza

today it wasnt even funny. i hasd fucking 7 slices of pizza and two breadsticks.

so i think i am running out of things to say so i will just type things people around

me are saying i got this dude brandon to the left of me and he is fucking just

sitting there being amazed by his fucking cell phone. and mike cheri and bob are

just sitting on the bed that i really want to sleep on like right now. and

unfortunetly i want a ciggarete but i only smoke when i am rolling and i dont

want to get addicted so i am rejecting the temptation right now cause i could

get like fucking 3 for free like right now but i dont want to get addicted. so now

we are talking about the lotto and they were having some issues saying the

amount of money that is in it right now. and now cherri is talking about

somethintg she did at school. uhmmmmmmmmm....... my middle toe fell i sleep. It

feels really fucking weird. i got a new cell phone and everyone is fucking using it,

it is funny cause we took hella fucking funny pictures.BOB IS A PIMP!!! o and

brandon is a nazi.....i dont even know so dont ask me.so now brandon is a lesbian

trapped in a mans body and now they are hearing noises. man cheris mom is so

cool. you can fucking be like do u want a hit of this pot. and she will be like ya it

is tight. so i am sitting here being hella bored i want to go to a rave right now. i

am soo excited for WONKALAND it is going to fucking the pimp shit.so i think this

is my longes entry i have ever fucking typed i should get an award or something.

so i have come to the concluion that school is fucking retarded i hate it. especially

my fucking U.S. history class my teacher is a fucking bitch. i hate MR. Yabbara.

needs to go to hell and fucking die a slow and horrible death. no joke.we have

fucking had like 5 projects in the past fucking 3 weeks. i want to shank that

fucker. MMMMMMMMkkkkkkk i am going to go cause this is getting really long so

peace out my homie G's up in the forshizzle my nizzle.

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i am bored!!!!!1
Tuesday. 2.17.04 2:03 pm
ok so i am sitting her at 1st lunch and there is nothing to do i am soo bored. hey leif u need to get me my transfer papers so i can go to your school. just give me your brothers so he cant go to your school. man why does no one comment on my page!!!!!!! it is making me sad o well. = ( ok well i have nothing esle to say so peace out my homie G's

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ok so first lunch is kinda nice!
Monday. 2.9.04 1:45 pm
ok so we have only 2 lunches now and i have first. most of my freinds are in it to

but they all sit in different places and my freind mark is switching his class so he

has 1st lunch. when he does i will gather all my freinds and we will sit at our table.

(everyone in this school has there own table) then i will be able to actually get

lunch but the lines are going to be sooooo long now that we have like 400 more

people in each lunch o well i will just cut people.

ok so i was driving to school today and this guy was in the left lane and he was

going really slow. so i had to go around him, i cut infront of him and he flashed his

high beams at me i was like what the fuck. so i gave him the finger. i was excited

it was my first time giving someone the finger because of a driving incident.

Man i am such a good freind, i am going to pick up leif(djjester) from school today

and it is all the way in federal way and i am in tacoma which is like 30 mins away.

he is lucky i am so nice. but i think i am going to make him buy me taco bell or

something....i am not sure.

ok so i have come to the conclusion that school is a peice of shit. i hate it. i hate

most of my teachers like my U.S. history teacher who always lectures me and shit i

was like get off my back. My band teacher is becoming an asswhole. i used to love

band it was my favorite subject but now we are playing shitty songs and we are

forced to go to the football and basketball games and be in the pep band. i know

isnt that gay. o well

so ya what do u guys think of my new theme of 3 days grace. they are one of my

favorite band next to evanescence. i would have made it an evanescnece theme

but djjester already took that idea. if it wasnt for me he would have never known

about evanescence. speaking of them they won best new artist at the grammys

last night. that is the only one i saw if u guys could tell me if they won any of the

other awards they were nominated for it would be much appriciated.

well i think i have ran out of things to say.

so peace out my homie G's

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2nd lucnh sucks
Tuesday. 2.3.04 2:25 pm
well today i did the same exact thing during lunch as i did yesterday.

I went to the library and worked on my nutang.

but tommorow they are beginning the 2 lunch thing so i will have first lunch

which is good because now i can do my U.S. history homework at lunch. Before i

i had to do it in math which gave me no time to copy down the answers of my

math homework. it was quite annoying. ok well the bell has rang so i better get to

class. UGHHHH I HATE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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